Program Sessions

Solar West 2016

In November 2015, the Government of Alberta committed to tripling the proportion of the province’s electricity from renewable resources from 10 to 30%. Solar West 2016 meets in Edmonton from October 5 – 7 2016 to assess the early progress being made toward this target and to answer the most critical questions phasing the advancement of solar in the province including:

  • What will the conclusions of the Energy Efficiency Panel mean for solar energy and how will the Micro-Generation Regulation be amended?
  • How could grid-readiness, rate and tariff design and utility business models impact the scale and pace of solar deployment?
  • How will the Renewable Electricity Program (REP) be structured and when will the first utility-scale solar facilities be contracted in Alberta?
  • What opportunities will there be for Individuals, Rural, Urban and Indigenous Communities and the Public and Private Sectors?
  • What other dynamics such as the coal retirement schedule, oil and gas sector economic recovery and federal climate change policy will be influential?