Track B

Morning Breakout Sessions: Best Practices for Constructing & De-Commissioning Large Ground-Mount Facilities

Turner Valley May 11, 2017 11:45 am - 1:00 pm

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Alberta Infrastructure’s RFP for 135,000 MWh of solar electricity is expected to give rise to Alberta’s first large ground-mount facility. Designing these facilities optimally for construction and operation in the specific climatic and sub-soil conditions of the prairies requires local knowledge and experience. Ensuring that decommissioning at end-of-life minimizes cost and enables the site to be easily returned to its original (or an improved) state is required for a responsible industry.

Attend this session moderated by Jeff Drain, Western Canada Renewable Energy Lead, Stantec with: Andrew Moles, Manager, Renewable Energy, PCL Construction and Mikhail Ivanchikov, President, Solar Plantation to hear of the lessons learned from other jurisdictions and best practices being developed in Alberta for the construction and de-commissioning of large ground-mount solar electricity generation facilities.

Download the presentations from this session here: